Monday, December 7, 2020

Through the Window (WC, JM)

(Wendy Cabell and Joseph MacRae, December 7, 2020, eve of feast day of the Immaculate Conception. Note: content might be added to this page until the end of 2020.)

Through the Window 

(A look back at this year of 2020, via a series of poems that happened to be both written on feast days of Icons of the Mother of God, and also inspired by this year's classes and retreats.)


                               your eyes.

                        Every coincidence

                       is the most awesome 


                   --The Lubavitcher Rebbe,

                     adapted by Tzvi Freeman,

                     Wisdom to Heal the Earth

                               When God 

                             closes a door,

                               He opens a





      eyes are


    to the soul,

   So Icons are 


     to Heaven.




(At each destination, press Icons for each full entry)

•Via Hidabroot, Petach Tikvah, Israel (here)

•Via Chabad, Brooklyn, New December 5 included above)

•Via St Paul's Cathedral, London, England (here)

•Via Knock Shrine, Knock, Ireland (here)

•Via Literary Arts, Portland, Oregon (here)

•Via Ancient Faith Ministries, Munster, Indiana (here)

•Via Monastery of St Gertrude, Cottonwood, Idaho (here

(and can see their recent art show here)

•Via Meaningful Life Center, Brooklyn, New York (November 7, included above)

•Via St Micheal' s Cathedral Basilica, Toronto, Canada (Dec. 4, included above)

•Via Hugo House, Seattle, Washington (December 5, included above)

•Via Abbey of the Arts, Galway, Ireland (December 5, included above, and December 6 , included above)

•Via The Bishop's Ranch, Healdsburg, California (here)

•Via Mount Angel Abbey, Mount Angel, Oregon (December 20, included above)

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